Hello 2018!

The start of a new year does not only give us an opportunity to start working towards fresh goals, it also provides us a period to look back at the year that was and see what lessons we will take with us in the coming twelve months.

Any wedding supplier knows that December and January are the most hectic months. During this time, sticking to a schedule and keeping attention to detail should be more pronounced. Rarely will you be able to book a supplier a few weeks into December as he or she will probably be swamped bookings and only has Christmas day as rest period.

Tito Boy was working on many gowns and suits mid-December when a message from one of his clients caught his attention. This client was getting married on the last week of December 2017 and booked BKS for her entourage. She, however, had an unfortunate incident with her wedding gown designer barely a week into her wedding and had to look for someone else to make her another gown. She asked if it was possible for Tito Boy to make her a gown. The designer was hesitant and which was understandable as this was five days before her wedding. However, there was something in the bride’s message that made BKS rethink his strict rule about not accepting short-notice requests during peak season. Below is the five-day wedding gown which has turned into one of Tito Boy’s favorites:

The event shows that there are things that can’t be predicted no matter how much effort was put into the planning and preparation. And this is a lesson we can bring with us in 2018: to prepare as best as we could but be flexible enough to adapt other measures if reality is showing us something that is different from our expectations.

Happy New Year!