My hubby and I booked Tito Boy 18 months before our wedding. This was back in the day when BKS and myself were pounds heavier. Not so many eons ago, BKS’ megawatt personality was still accentuated by a Mr. Suave moustache. LOLs.

As a couple based overseas, our constant form of communication with BKS were through emails, Facebook and Skype. On the day of the wedding, Tito Boy arrived early in the hotel. Because of BKS’ presence, the atmosphere during the hotel preps was light, positive and comfortable. He always has a way of making us laugh and you will always feel drawn to his fascinating aura. Tito Boy was hands-on like a wedding coordinator, helping me dress up until the time we changed outfits for our second look during the reception. I love my gown which was inspired by Lea Salonga’s wedding gown. The laced top and bustled off white beaded skirt looked classic and enchanting. The corset within enabled me to have a good posture. BKS was also able fo deliver the specific details of Jonas’ suit. His second look was stunning as well which was made of brocade fabric and emphasized by a chinese collar. Tito Boy and Cha, you both did a marvelous job in making our wedding successfuI and extraordinary. I treasure our friendship most of all! – Ema & Jonas

At the time, we were in the dark on who to get as our official wedding couturier. Most designers we searched have usually too much of ‘everything’. Too much beading, too much tulle, too much white and let’s just say, it was all kinds of wrong, and most styles were not to our liking and doesn’t connect with us. We are no models, nor we are of a statuesque sort, so we felt like the dresses and suits we saw does not reflect our personality or our build realistically. We were running out of time and it came to a point where we were actually thinking to just buy off the rack and have it altered.

But one day, Boy Kastner-Santos was recommended to us by good friend and fellow BKS couple Queenie Naño and Rico Zuniga. They were also getting married the same year and told us that he may be able to help us. We saw his instagram account and we like what we saw.

Quickly, we set our meeting with him. And we instantly loved his vibe, his creativity and his drive. We are artists by profession and we are all about respecting artists’ vision. And as a fellow artist, we saw how passionate he is with his work and it truly shows. He was realistic and frank on what looks good and what doesn’t. And instantly, there was trust. We only told him what we ultimately want, to look really cool, beautiful, but comfortable. And the rest is up to him, as long as the main objectives were there.

So my husband and I just let him do what he does best. On the day, he met beyond our expectations. When I finally saw the dress. It was a moment when I realized that it was indeed….the girliest dress I have ever worn in my entire life. And the most beautiful, of course. My husband’s suit fits him so well, like a glove. And the entourage, our families, our mothers especially, looked so good on that day.

We are grateful for Tito Boy and his creative team for making my husband and I, the bridal entourage, and our families look and feel awesome. He fulfilled the objectives we set out for him and he made sure we are given the best care as he and his team could possibly give. We often look back and think, we worked and collaborated with best people who made it all possible for us to enjoy our special day. And we are indeed, proud to be a BKS couple. – Camy & Pat

In life, we meet people for a reason. Well, that is exactly how I felt when I met Tito Boy. This person made my dreams come true when he created this masterpiece of a gown for me on my wedding day. The gown was quite a rage with its stunning beaded bodice and intricate petal skirt that is so ethereal I felt like a princess I walked down the aisle. And come evening, the gown converts to another equally gorgeous look at the wedding reception. Needless to say, I felt absolutely beautiful on that surreal, almost magical day. I believe that is how all brides should feel on their big day. As for my groom, he was in awe of his three-piece wedding suit that paid attention to details which clearly reflected his personality, fit him flawlessly and was so classy he looked like a dapper gentleman worth like a million bucks.

There are a lot of things to admire about Tito Boy—his genuine talent, his humor and wit, to name a few. However, what my husband and I admire most about the man behind the BKS brand is his character. Tito Boy, is also one of the kindest and most generous persons we met. Our relationship with him did not end on our wedding day. What we have with him transcends that of the designer-client association. It is something that is there to stay. It is something that we cherish. Getting him as our designer was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we made. We are just so proud to say that we are a BKS couple. Oh, by the way, our daughter is also a proud BKS brat at three months old. Thank you, BKS!

Kudos to Tito Boy, a true master of his craft, Charie and the rest of the BKS team! You guys truly deliver! – Cheryll & Jimbo

Picking the right wedding gown is one if not the most stressful thing a Bride-to-be needs to face. I still remember browsing a lot of names in the wedding gown industry, made number of inquiries through emails, viber, fb messenger etc. until my best friend, Jenet, mentioned me about Tito Boy Kastner Santos and how good he is. Days after, during my meeting with my wedding coordinator, she asked me who am I getting for my wedding gown and I replied that I have yet to choose. And she said she strongly recommends Boy Kastner, without me mentioning that he is one of my choices…OMG… I guess this is a sign… I am destined to be a BKS Bride.

I immediately contacted him and set an appointment. The first time I saw him, I was kind of scared as he appears full of authority, but the moment he talked to me… everything has changed, I realized he is the one for me. Fears changed to joy as the room was filled with so much laughter. And Yes, I am a BKS Bride.

Next problem is what gown design should I ask him, or will that fit me… given that I am a bit “cute”.🤣😂 LOL… Since I decided to be a BKS Bride, I told myself that I should trust Tito Boy and next words I uttered were “Ikaw na bahala, Tito Boy”. He just stared at me and suddenly I found myself looking at his hands as they are doing their magic, making a sketch of what my gown will be, and the rest is history.

Thank you so much, Tito Boy, Ms. Charie and the whole BKS Team for giving me and Jaypee the wedding gown and suit of our dreams. We truly in awe of your masterpieces from my wedding gown, Jaypee’s suits, Team Bride’s gorgeous gowns, Team Groom’s colourful ties, our mothers’ gowns to my little flower girls’ gowns and bearers’ clothes… ohh and most especially my Bridal Robe, sinurprise mo ako ng bongga dun ha, super unique nya at napakaganda. They were all so beautiful that I can’t imagine how are we going to look like if not for you. I know we are all disappointed when I cannot wear my 4-inch shoes and you need to cut my wedding dress to adjust to my height without the shoes, but you were able to manage in a short span of time.

As you said, “once nakapag-BKS, there is no turning back”. Syempre naman Tito Boy, wala na yata akong mahahanap na kagaya mo na willing pasanin ako sa likod mapalakad lang ako sa aisle, or gumising ng maaga to make sure that we will be able to wear them properly at buhatin ang napakahaba kong train and veil. Thank you for the friendship. See you soon and Cheers to more projects with you. We love you, my World’s Best Couturier! 😘 – Joyce & Jaypee